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Columbia, South Carolina is a developing market located at the center of both South Carolina and the Southeastern region of the United States. Over the past decade, Columbia has blossomed in many ways; most notably developing a culinary scene that rivals cities much larger in size. Beyond this, Columbia has seen a rise in the operation of local breweries and wine parlors.

In April 2018, the inaugural Columbia Food and Wine Festival cast a light on to this thriving food and beverage industry. The event was a great success on all accounts – more than 1,000 attendees were introduced to a collaborative group of 65+ vendors; including 42 restaurants, 14 breweries, 10 wineries serving 48 wines, 12 farmer and artisan groups, 8 chef demonstrations, and hands on wine seminars.

The festival returned for its second year in April 2019 on Saluda avenue, in the heart of the historic Five Points district. Boasting over 70 vendors, the festival had over 45 restaurants, 14 breweries, and sampled more than 80 wines. In addition, patrons were able to duck into a speakeasy featuring the cocktails of five beloved local barmen. VIP guests overlooked the festival from the famed balcony of Saluda’s, while sampling exclusive cocktails and bites.

The 2019 festival also saw the birth of satellite events. These began on Friday night at Saluda’s Restaurant with a chef collaborative meal. The following day, ticket buyers were able to choose their adventure amongst a bevy of events. From the international corridor at Soda City Market to brunch hosted on the rooftop of the First Base building at Segra Park, there was something for everyone. The afternoon brought along a beer tasting at River Rat Brewery featuring the official beer collaboration of the festival, Tangerine Dreams. Guests capped the day with a private wine tasting at Lula Drake Wine Parlor and tucked into a magical dinner under the stars at the historic Seibels House featuring dinner prepared by Motor Supply Co. Bistro and Spotted Salamander Café and Catering.

The 2020 festival retooled the blueprint for the Columbia Food and Wine Festival to ensure safety protocols regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. The festival hosted a 400-person dinner and brunch on the lawns of the historic Hampton Preston Mansion and Gardens and the Robert Mills Mansion. Both the dinner and the brunch consisted of zones with a team of local chefs and mixologists, ensuring a unique and memorable event.

With three successful years under its belt, the festival is excited to spread further in 2021, as we continue to highlight the best sites, bites and sips of Soda City.


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