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Kickoff Dinner at Private Property ***SOLD OUT***


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Ticket Price: $150 per person

Begin your Columbia Food and Wine Festival journey with an evening that sets the bar for culinary excellence and intimate dining experience. We're thrilled to host our traditional kickoff dinner at one of Lexington's cherished gems: Private Property. This exclusive event, sponsored by Certified SC, promises a delightful immersion into the heart of local flavors and community spirit.

As the sun sets over Main Street, prepare to be whisked away on a gastronomic adventure, expertly orchestrated by a trio of local culinary maestros. Leading the charge is Trip Chalk of Private Property, known for his innovative approach and dedication to locally-sourced ingredients. Joining him are two remarkable talents: Chris Williams of Roy's Grille, celebrated for his soulful, Southern-inspired dishes, and Mike Ellis, the creative force behind some of Columbia’s most beloved establishments like Smoked, The Grand on Main, The Main Course, Good Life Cafe, The Players Club, and 518 Smokehouse.

Together, these chefs are set to present a menu that is not just a meal but a narrative of South Carolina's rich culinary landscape. Expect a night filled with dishes that tell a story – from farm-fresh produce to coastal catches, each course is a tribute to the diverse flavors of our region.

This event isn't just a dinner; it's a celebration of the community, a nod to the artisans and growers, and a toast to the culinary craftsmanship that Certified SC proudly champions. Limited seats are available for this exclusive event, ensuring an intimate and immersive dining experience.

Join us for an evening where food, community, and passion converge, setting the stage for an unforgettable festival week.

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